About Us

Logajob is a leading software development house involved with the production of custom research recruitment tools for the market research industry. We have created an advanced CRM platform with full functionality and integrated panel management features. Our Sydney-based company works closely with Farron Research, a leading brand in qualitative and quantitative research recruitment.

Logajob recently launched Jobs on Time (JOT), an advanced and updated CRM web application tailored to suit various industries. JOT is a professional solution designed to help research companies function more efficiently and effectively. JOT has an advanced filtering function which makes it both powerful and easy-to-use. This web-based tool provides extensive market research capabilities. From online surveys and questionnaires to tests and forms, JOT offers a one-stop solution for market research companies.

History of JOT

The history of JOT dates back to 2011, with Farron Research pioneering the end of paper screeners with the design and development of ‘Research Me’. This comprehensive web application and software survey design tool has been used by several recruitment companies both in Australia and around the world.

After years of development, JOT was completed. It was specifically designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the market research industry. With new features and software optimisation, JOT was made available in 2019 to serve a growing domestic and international client base. While JOT can be modified for use within other industry sectors, it is currently set up for the market research industry. The first user of JOT was Farron Research, with multiple clients migrating to the platform seamlessly.

Benefits of JOT

JOT is a comprehensive solution that enables one-stop market research management for qualitative and quantitative projects. Among other things, JOT allows you to screen users, send out surveys, find candidates, and communicate effectively with both clients and respondents.

With JOT, the entire recruitment process has been simplified, with hours turning into minutes as you find the right people with the click of a mouse.

JOT helps you create powerful surveys to find, filter, and handle the diverse needs of your clients.
Qualitative research software and quantitative research solutions are integrated and readily available. You don’t need a scripter to design the surveys. They can be created by any team member who understands the brief. Our survey manager solutions offer the following features:

  • Surveys of any length and complexity
  • Surveys designed with specific goals
  • Surveys with a diverse and comprehensive range of questions
  • Custom surveys to meet user and research requirements
  • Sophisticated drop-down menus and friendly interfaces