JOT is the Complete CRM Solution

JOT ensures the efficient collection, management, and use of research data for multiple applications.

More than a spreadsheet or database, JOT is a total CRM and market research software solution. From online surveys to focus groups, our audience research software offers the ultimate in functionality:

  • Get new registrations directly on the panel.
  • All participants can be filtered based on hundreds of search criteria options.
  • Drag and drop documents with ease and security at Client or Job level.
  • Benefit from an easily modified quoting system if the job changes.
  • Once complete, the job can be pushed directly into your accounting software.


The JOT Dashboard gives you a quick overview of your business, including total sales, total jobs, current sessions, and daily recruitment staff KPIs. All data can be customised and made accessible based on carefully selected security level settings.

Within the dedicated client module, you are provided with contact details for all clients, along with relevant notes, feedback details, and more. The easy availability of client information is integral to research recruitment software.

Clients have the ability to provide customer lists in a secure environment by logging into the client portal. With a One Time Password (OTP) or PIN, clients can drop the list into the secure file transfer section. This protects the data in transit and avoids lists being sent via insecure channels such as email.

JOT provides several research program tools for easy searching based on relevant information. You can search data based on hundreds of predetermined filters to find panel members that meet relevant criteria. In addition, you can import client lists to use while interviewing and recruiting. These lists are password protected to ensure the privacy of the data at all times. Once you have finished recruiting from client lists, they can be purged.

The survey tool is a comprehensive and professional research tool that helps you to communicate with your respondent base. We have crafted a simple and easy-to-navigate user journey to ensure accurate results. Along with being easy to use, our system ensures engagement with advanced survey software programs.

JOT offers multiple reporting functions to assist with the management of jobs, from sessions and tasks, to members and staff.  Easy access to the data ensures you are able to complete and refine campaigns seamlessly.

Each market research software platform is only as successful as its reporting mechanisms allow. With JOT, you can generate numerous reports about work and staff to keep your finger on the pulse.

JOT offers easy communication, with the ability to email and SMS both panel members and clients. Communication happens within the program, with SMS replies automatically matched to panel members. SMS messages and emails are sent with surveys, which allows you to book and confirm respondents when sending RVR’s and setting schedules. SMS and email subscriptions are required to ensure reliable delivery.

Advanced staff functionality allow you to manage your staff roster, allocate jobs to different staff members, and set permissions across your organisation. Permissions can be set based on software tools and staff access levels, with template creation and personalisation features available for all data collected.

The Admin Function allows you to control your Staff Securities Levels and all the system references and configuration tools.

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