Panel Management

The JOT panel management tool allows you to store the details of all panel members once they have registered. Once data has been entered, you can filter the panel based on specific criteria to streamline the recruitment process. You can limit the number of invitations sent for each research session. You can also segment and filter your panel based on age, gender, working status, income, children, and hundreds of other criteria. These powerful features are easy to access with drop-down menus or through text.

Panel management can be a complicated and difficult process when you don’t have the right tools. JOT makes this process easier than ever before, with different tools available to manage and automate key management tasks such as maintaining a portal, responding to queries,

and processing incentives. With access to multiple tools in a single unified interface, you can spend more time promoting and improving your panel. The following steps are crucial in order to maintain an efficient and effective workflow:

Choose your Data Carefully

The data you select and combine will define your panel management experience. JOT uses key data attributes for all panel members, from basic information like gender and age to specific skills and experience. You can add data attributes at any stage based on each member and your own unique needs. You choose which data to add, how to combine attributes effectively, and how to display data for each panel member.

Set your Own Custom Content

JOT panels are tailor-made based on your unique needs. Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, we give you the ability to alter the content and flow of your panel based on the information and content presented. In order to be effective, digital tools for research need to allow for custom content. With JOT, you can combine data attributes, page elements, and graphical details to produce your own custom content.

Refine Registration Information

JOT offers a comprehensive registration system to ensure effective tracking and control over data and panel members. You can track panel members based on a range of data attributes, and refine the information used during management and registration to meet the specific needs of your panel. Nothing is set in stone, which means you can choose the data you need and make adjustments over time based on feedback and procedural iterations.

Manage Panel Members

JOT gives you the ability to manage individual panel members based on the things that are important to you. Among other things, you can ensure the effective utilisation of members in jobs, keep people invested and interested across scenarios, and reward them for their contributions and efforts over time. JOT is a complete online tool for researchers, with a range of tools available to help you meet your goals.

Run a Campaign

JOT enables complete campaign management through a variety of software tools, including both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Our advanced survey manager solution allows you to run a campaign from start to finish. There are tools available within JOT to track people based on how they discovered your panel, making it easy to set up individual contact lists over time and across media channels.

JOT features a variety of campaign management tools to allow tight integration and control. For example, you can use unique registration links for specific groups of people, or filter respondents based on a combination of personal attributes. This gives you the ability to funnel people according to the needs of each campaign. JOT also features community-based “refer a friend” tools.

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